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Difference between LED TV and Plasma TV

We will compare the difference between Plasma TV and LED TV. In the table below we compare each of the main TV specification parameters of Plasma Vs LED TV.

Note: Only the major differences between LED TV and Plasma TV have been tabled below

Difference between LED and Plasma TV
ParameterLED TVPlasma TV
Power consumption Require less power. LED TVs are very efficient with power. For example a 55" LED TV consumes about 250 watts per hour Requires more electric power than an LED TV. A 55" Plasma TV consumes about 370 watts per hour, which is about 50% more than an LED TV
Burn-in Not an issue Burn-in is rare on newer plasma TVs with anti-burn-in features, but was somewhat common on old plasma TVs.
Screen size 13 - 57 inches 32 inches and above
Life span 50,000 - 100, 000 hours Around 20, 000 – 60,000 hours
Cost Much cheaper Cheaper than LED-lit TVs
Viewing angle Up to 165°, Picture suffers from the side Plasma TVs look the same from almost any angle

Buying TV online

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