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TV buying basics, buying new TV guide

This site is about TV buying basics and about which type of TV has the best picture quality or what is the best kind of TV to buy. The site will help you to answer questions like 'what TV brand or what type of TV has the best picture quality?' or 'what is the best TV brand?'. We aim to be your flat screen TV buying guide. Expert advice and tips on how to buy a new TV is given all over this site. There are many things to know before buying a new TV and we explain everything about new TVs, like different types of TVs, what are the basic specications needed for a good TV and how big the TV should be for the size of room, etc. So please go through our site, there is a lot of information about TVs and it will serve as your best buying new TV guide.

What is the best kind of TV to buy, What type of TV has the best picture quality

One of the most common questions asked is "what type of TV has the best picture quality- OLED, PLASMA or LED". Our site aims to answer this question, even though it is a very tricky question, because each type of TV has their high and low end TVs with higher and lower screen resolutions and other features.

There are two sides to the question of which type of TV is the best, one is the picture quality and the other the reliability of the type of TV like for example how long will the TV last and if type of TV has inherent problems like screen burn-in similar to Plasma TVs, etc. TV image quality depends on many factors like Resolution, contrast ratio, scanning rates and so many technical factors that we explain in detail in several of our pages.

Timeline of Television sets, a short history of the evolution of TV sets

Below is a list of the most important dates in the history of Television sets/ TV sets
1900: The word "Television" first used. It was coined by Mr. Constantin Perskyi at the First International Electricity Congress in Paris.
1929: The Baird Television Development Company begins experimental broadcasting in association with the BBC in England.
1930: First ever TV show seen on July 14, 1930 at the British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald's official residence at 10 Downing Street, London. The Baird Television Development Company was responsible for this transmission.
1932: The British Broadcasting Corp. BBC starts a regular public television broadcasting service in the UK.
1936: The first Olympic Games to be broadcast on TV: 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin, Germany. Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany and Jesse Owens won gold in the 100 meters and long jump events.
1954: The first national color TV broadcast of the world in USA on January 1, 1954
1988: First commercially available Flat Screen TV, a 14 inch color LCD television from Sharp Corporation of Japan

How to select a new TV to buy

Before deciding on what is the best new TV to buy, an understanding of TV Specs is necessary. Our site will answer all your questions about TVs, important TV features and TV specs are explained in detail. Selecting the best kind of new TV: LED, LCD, Plasma or OLED and the best type of new TV: HDTV or Ultra 4k UHD TV depends on the TV features important for you. After going through our site you will have no problems in deciding which flat screen TV to buy.

When you are shopping for your new TV, the Sales person will always volunteer to help you out. We will not say that the Sales persons are crooks, but they will try their best to convince you to buy TVs on which they get the maximum commission. They are normally not bothered about you getting the best TV within your budget. The tricks the sales person plays could range from showing high quality Videos on the TVs they get maximum commission.

The TVs he gets the least commission could be the best TV for you, but you are steered away from that and most probably that TV will be showing bad video quality pictures or may be, the TV settings are intentionally set as to show bad quality pictures. So do not fall for the Sales Persons tricks. You must be educated on TVs and you should be able to pre-select the new TV you want to buy, before going to do your TV shopping.

We do not promote any brand, our aim is to give you unbiased info and tell you how to decide on buying the best new TV. Once you go through our pages you will be able to compare the different types of new TVs and will have no problems in deciding on what is the best kind of new TV for you: LED, LCD, Plasma, OLED, HD TV or Ultra HDTV.

Checklist for buying a new TV

Our page on TV specifications has a checklist of all the specifications of a TV which you should examine before buying a new TV. Please study about TV specifications before actually starting your selection of a new TV. Then make a checklist of all the TV features and specifications you would like to have, and armed with this checklist of TV features and specifications of the new TV you want, start your search for a TV that matches what you want.

We aim to be your Flat Screen TV buying Guide and will make you clearly understand the difference between LCD, LED, Plasma and OLED TV and then again you will have no confusion about HD ready TV, full HD TV, Ultra HD TV, 4k HD TV, etc. You will be able to select the best TV for picture quality, long lasting TV screens and the best value for money new TV.