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Latest Samsung Model Numbers or Code explained, Where to find Samsung model number

Before explaining about the Samsung Models we will first check how to get the Samsung Model number.

The model numbers of Samsung TV can be found on a white sticker on the back of the TV. On newer models if you press "Menu" > "Support" > "Contact Samsung"; then you can see the model code or the model number of Samsung TV.

Here is an example of Samsung Model Number: UN65F8000BF which is a 65" LED TV of the 8000 Series

Let us start with the first pair of letter 'UN' which stands for a LED TV. Alternative letters Samsung uses in their model numbering system are PN for Plasma.

The next two are digits "65" which represents the diagonal measurement of the screen size in inches. The single letter "F" which stand bracketed with numbers represents the year of manufacture of the Samsung TV. Samsung started the standard model code numbering system for their TVs in 2008 and the first Samsung models in 2008 were the 'A' series which were followed by B, C, D, E etc. as follows:

  • A model- 2008
  • B model - 2009
  • C model - 2010
  • D model - 2011
  • E model - 2012 (E, ES, EH)
  • F model - 2013

Following the above model coding Samsung should have the 2014 models as the "G" series, but Samsung has skipped the letter "G" in their Model numbering system and gone on to "H" series. No official explanation is given, but it is generally held that the letter "G" sounds similar to a Japanese or Korean four letter word. Or could it be that the letter "G" is 50% in "LG" the arch rival of Samsung and they are loath to use it??

After the alphabet representing the year comes the Samsung series number which starts with 4000 as their base model and goes up to the 9000 series which is their high end model.

We are not sure what the letters following the 4 digit of the series number, but we are working on it and it will be put on this site soon.

Older Samsung TV Model Numbers Explained

Samsung has their top of the range models designated as series 8 and next best as series 7 and so on till it reaches down to series 4, which is their lowest range.

The first 2 letters of the Samsung 2012 TV models represents the type of TV - for LCD TV it is 'LA', for LED TV it is 'UA' and for Plasma it is 'PS'. So examples of Samsung TV models are UA60D8000YR, UA46D7000LM, LA46D550K1R, LA26D481G4, PS64D8000FR, PS51D490A1.

Looking at these model numbers it is easy to decipher the first two letters - LA for LCD, UA for LED and PS for plasma. Then comes the 2 numbers which is obviously the the diagonal screen size in inches. All Samsung 2012 TV models have the letter D after the screen Size. The Samsung 2011 TV models have the letter C . Then comes a row of numbers of 4 digits, some have 3 digits. The first number represents the Series, from Series-8 down to Series-4. The rest of the numbers and letters are not yet clear, but we are trying our best to find out what these represent and should be able to report it on this site soon.

Advanced Features of Samsung TV

We give below some of the more advanced features of Samsung TV

Samsung Micro Dimming Plus

Micro Dimming and Microdimming Plus are exclusive 'Local Dimming'  technology of Samsung to improve the contrast ratio of Samsung TV.

Samsung Clear Motion Rate 0f 960

Experience the true meaning of motion clarity with Samsung's Clear Motion Rate. Unlike the "refresh rate." which explains a part of picture quality, Clear Motion Rate determines the motion of an image by using three factors: chipset, TV panel, and backlight. With the new standard in motion measurement and control, you will clearly see the difference.

Samsung Allshare

AllShare wirelessly connects to compatible mobile devices through DLNA technology so the movies, photos and music stored on them can be viewed, listened to and shared on your smart TV.

Samsung ConnectShare Movie

ConnectShare Movie transforms your TV into a home entertainment theatre - simply plug in your USB memory drive or connect your hard disk drive to screen the movies, photos and music stored there.

Samsung Anynet+

Anynet technology enables you to direct all of your HDMICEC-compatible digital devices – whatever their manufacturer – with a single remote control, for a streamlined home-entertainment experience

Samsung Eco Sensor

Eco Sensor measures the intensity of the room’s light and automatically calibrates the brightness of the image on the screen.

Samsung Wide Colour Enhancer Plus

Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus uses an advanced algorithm to drastically improve image quality – even displaying subtle tones and details that less advanced TVs cannot reproduce.

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